Flashback: Ellen Anticipates the Debut of her Daytime Talk Show

Four months before the debut of her daytime talk show, Ellen DeGeneres was at Pixar Studios in the Bay Area to promote her part in “Finding Nemo.” Little did anyone know at our May 17, 2003 radio roundtable that her role of memory-challenged Dory and her pending dive into the shark infested cess pool of daytime television would prove not only wildly successful, but become part of pop culture.

Like Dory, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” was a gentle, kind-hearted and sweet-natured creature, blissfully swimming with the Jerrys and Maurys of the sea and carving out her own dance-enhanced, game-heavy niche that was able to coexist peacefully with TV’s Poseidon at the time, Oprah Winfrey.

Sixteen seasons and one “Finding Dory” spinoff later, Ellen looks back on her storied career in her return to the standup circuit, documented in the Netflix film, “Relatable.” Below is a look back at what she told us about her upcoming talk show on the brink of its Sept. 8, 2003 premiere.

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