Idris Elba Flashback: ‘Sexy’ Even Amid Biblical Plagues in ‘The Reaping’


Eleven years before this week’s Sexiest Man Alive coronation by People Magazine, Idris Elba was waist deep in blood-infested waters and smothered in locusts for the horror/thriller “The Reaping”… and still managed to maintain his sexy.

Elba and Hillary Swank starred as colleagues who investigate claims of miracles. When a Louisiana town swore their river was turned red at the hands of a young girl (AnnaSophia Robb), the duo swooped in to poke around. Of course, more biblical plagues ensued, including raining frogs, mad cows, boils and locusts.

In never before used audio from the film’s March 2007 radio roundtable, Elba described how the bayou was made bloody, how the crocodiles and snakes had to be cleared out before his scenes, and having to suppress his fear of bugs to shoot with real locusts.

So sexy.

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