RIP: Scott Wilson Talks ‘The Parting Glass’ Song in ‘The Walking Dead’

The term “moral compass” was often used to describe the presence of Scott Wilson’s character in “The Walking Dead.” As Hershel Greene, the Georgia farmer who took in Rick’s crew and often challenged them with his stubborn devotion to doing what’s right, Wilson left an enduring mark on the series far beyond his character’s brutal death in season four. We’ll see him again this season in new footage shot before his death on Oct. 6 from cancer.

In 2013, as the show was beginning its third season, Wilson appeared with his cast mates at PALEYFEST and spoke about this moment of respite in episode 3×01 (“Seed”), when Hershel asks his daughter, Beth, to sing “The Parting Glass,” a traditional song popular in Ireland and Scotland, often sung at the end of a gathering of friends.

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