Matt Damon: Climbing Down That Wall in The Bourne Identity was ‘Horrifying’


Matt Damon as Judge Matt Kavanaugh on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” (Sept. 29, 2018)

In celebration of Matt Damon’s brilliance as the irritable, ill-tempered Matt Kavanaugh on Saturday Night Live, it’s only right that we keep the party going with a closer look at another one of his tenuous moments on screen.

During the 2002 junket for “The Bourne Identity,” the Oscar winner spoke about his character’s escape from the embassy, an early scene that required Damon (and mostly his stunt double) to climb down the building’s exterior wall from 80 feet above ground. It was a standout sequence in director Doug Liman’s movie, but not quite the best day of shooting for Damon.

Nor the warmest.

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