Kristen Bell: ‘There’s Nobody That’s Dumb That Watches Veronica Mars’


Kristen Bell is on the talk show circuit this week promoting both the return of her NBC series “The Good Place,” and the revival of her 2004 UPN/CW series “Veronica Mars.”

The show was on life support in 2006 when stans flew a banner over UPN offices in Los Angeles (and its soon-to-be CW offices in Burbank) hoping to save it from cancellation amid the UPN/CW. The airborne effort appeared to have at least moved the needle with CW execs, who gave the show a third and ultimately final season some weeks after the plane landed.

Bell was asked about the banner, and the overall fan frenzy that helped save the show during its 2006 TCA panel ahead of season 3.

Listen below:

Hulu didn’t need such aerial incentive before deciding to bring back the Rob Thomas-created series, 11 years after its cancellation and four years after the crowdsourced “Veronica Mars” feature film.

Eight new episodes, premiering on the streaming service in 2019, will center on the murders of Spring breakers in Veronica’s Neptune hometown. The killings are messing up the town’s lifeblood tourist industry. Mars Investigations is hired by the parents of one of the victims to find their son’s killer, and Veronica soon finds herself pitted against the seaside enclave’s wealthy “09er” elites, who’d rather put an end to the month-long debauchery, against a working class that relies on that tourist cash that comes with being the West Coast’s answer to Daytona Beach.

Also of note, NBA legend and The Hollywood Reporter columnist Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has signed on as one of the show’s writers. (According to THR, the hire comes after Thomas also tapped him to guest star on the final season of his current CW series, “iZombie.”)


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